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February 25 , 2007


I dreamed that it was night.  I was standing infront of my in law's house.  I had a cut on my finger and their was a bandaid on it.  I wanted to put a new bandaid on my finger but instead of taking the old one off, I just put the new one ontop of the old one.  I remember it was thick and comfy.  So strange.



February 13 , 2007

another train dream

I dreamed that I was on a train.  An overnight train with several private rooms.  I don't know where I was going but I know that I was on a long journey.  The other passengers and I kept each other company and from being board because we all knew that we were going to be on that train for quite some time.  I don't remember anything specific like what we did I just remember that we were all going to be there for a very long time.   The train didn't have many open passenger cars like Amtrak but several private compartments with a bench seat on each side.  But there were areas where we all could get together to socialize.



January 25, 2007

sheep and the Shepherd

I had a vision last night of a sheep pasture.  I could see all the sheep with the Shepherd in a gated rectangle.  I was shown a specific sheep.  Although they all looked the same to me, I was told that this one represented me.  This sheep was surrounded closely by several sheep representing all the godly women that God had placed in my life as a direct answer to prayer.  I could see all the sheep in the pen and I could see the Shepherd.  The sheep that represented me started crying  and although the pen was tightly filled with sheep, the Shepherd quickly came over to me, bent down and looked me closely in the face to see what was wrong like you would with a child that was crying.  I watched for a while as the Shepherd was examining the sheep just like Jesus looks past my face, past my tears and strait into my heart.  I was then told that I was in the pen, safe with the Shepherd.  Not out side like some sheep are.  My view widened and I could see a few sheep that were outside of the pen.  The first one was wandering very close to the pen.  I was told that I was not like that one.  This sheep wondered very close to the pen either seeing the pen and not wanting to go in for some reason or just could not see the pen at all.  This sheep came very close to the gate but then turned away.  I was shown another sheep and told that I was not like this one either.  This sheep was at the top of a mountain, stuck in a thorn bush crying for help.  I was shown a third sheep and I told told that I was not like this one either.  This was a group of sheep happily following each other jumping off of a cliff.  I was shown that all the sheep out side of the pen were grey and dirty unlike the sheep that were inside of the pen that were clean.  And then I looked at the sheep in the pen again.  I was told again that I was like this sheep.  And I watched the sheep in the pen for a while and watched the Shepherd who was bent down examining the sheep.  Looking deeply to see what was wrong.  And then the vision ended.  



January 20, 2007

kid camp and a snake bite

I dreamed this morning that I was at a Christian kid camp in woods somewhere led by the instructor of my nephew's karate school.  I first started watching it on a tv an then all of a sudden I was there too.  The leader and another guy that I didn't know were spreading God's truth and explaining to the kids the difference between the truth of God and the lies of the world.  After the camp was over we were all walking to go to the bus and the instructor kept calling for this one specific child "Amber" he finally found her playing near a stream of water with another little girl.  I recognized "Amber" as a girl in Jonah's Sunday School class.  Both the girls were preschooler age.  As we walked over to them "Amber" fell in.  And we all realized that the stream was deeper than it looked.  I ran over and jumped in to get her without even thinking twice.  I saved the girl getting bitten by a snake in the process.  The snake didn't leave a bite mark but three little darts.  The darts were very small and organic.  On the way home there were tv screens kinda like billboards explaining the effects of snake bites.  I went home and asked Tim to unbutton my sleeve so I could look at bite.  But I wasn't at my house but at the house I grew up in.  I went to the hospital.  And I once again looked at the tvs explaining my condition like I was on the discover channel and in the third person.  And then I woke up and I checked my arm.



January 17, 2007

Romans 8 and 1 Corinthians 15

I had a dream this morning that I was reading Romans 8 and 1 Corinthians 15.  More like I was looking at the words in my Bible, which is strange in itself because most of the time I use, and they were being read to me.  I had a cyber friend challenge me yesterday to read Romans 8.  But I didn't until fell asleep.



Friday, January 05, 2007

vision of flogging

As I woke up and opened my eyes this morning I had a vision of Jesus' back being ripped apart while they flogged Him.  Just before it started I saw the whip laying down and I could see the bone and glass and other pieces that were tied and woven into the whip.  Then I saw the first couple lashes and how as the whip contacted His skin the pieces penetrated into His back and then the whip was quickly pulled out ripping the skin.  And then the whip lashed again.  And my vision ended.  Just the first couple lashes did a lot of damage.  I can only imagine what 39 lashes did.  It was horrible enough watching the first few.



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

masking tape band-aid

I had a dream this morning.  I was in the front row of a church service (which is so not me) next to my 11 year old nephew.  My family was not in this dream.  My foot was hurt but I had masking tape on my shoe which worked as a Band-Aid (go figure).  I had two other injuries but I forget what they were.  I forget what the sermon was about, but the part that interested me was that the guy that was speaking ended by speaking healing to the audience in Jesus' name.  No one bet my nephew knew that I was injured.  The dream ended as I was walking with my nephew to his class. 




Wednesday, December 27, 2006 1:08pm est


I had a vision of the Earth like I was in outer space looking down.  I saw something impacting one point of the planet.  I saw the waves of the impact immediately wrap around the planet.  Every part of the planet felt this impact within seconds and there was no escape.  Everyone looked towards the source to try figure out what just happened. 




Tuesday, December 26, 2006

righteousness and prayer

I had a dream that I was studying God's Word.  I was reading and I was really concentrating on a section about clothing yourself in righteousness and a section about praying.  The section about righteousness was Isaiah 59:17 He put on righteousness as his breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on his head; he put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped himself in zeal as in a cloak.   And I'll edit this post when I find the other one.




Friday, December 22, 2006

weird Dream

I had a dream that I was renewing my vows with my husband but my mom walked me down the isle instead of my dad and me were almost skipping down the isle.  There were people sitting in pews but we had no friends standing up with us.  I woke up before we said any vows.  I felt weird throughout the whole dream and it was a weird dream all together.  Even as I type the dream out now I still feel that eerie feeling that I felt in the dream.  I actually hesitated writing it down because it was just so weird.




Wednesday, December 20, 2006

at his feet

I had a vision this afternoon of worshiping at Jesus' feet.  I was literally so close to Jesus' feet that I could touch His feet and feel the holes.  As I touched His feet He bent down and helped me to stand up and immediately wrapped me in His arms and hugged me.  As He held me my view point changed.  My view point rotated and backed up about to about 5 feet behind Him so that I was now seeing myself being held by Jesus.  And then my vision ended.




Saturday, December 16, 2006

prince and his palace

I dreamed that I was being shown around a palace by a prince that lived there.  He showed me several rooms in the dream.  There was a large meeting or banquet going on but the prince told me that there are other people involved with that and that he wanted to spend time with me.  The guests were very important people from many different lands and countries.  The prince kept trying to find a room or place that we could be alone.  I felt passion, love and acceptance for a prince to want to spend time only with me.  We walked around the palace from room to room trying very hard not to interrupt the other people.  We eventually found a room.  I heard a car alarm going off outside, someone came and interrupted us and then I woke up. 




Saturday, December 16, 2006 12:11 pm  est


I have a reoccurring vision of God's throne and an angel coming up to the Lord.  I can see nothing but God's beautiful golden throne an the angel.     The color is hard to explain because it was golden yet white at the same time.  My view point is off to the right side of the throne.  Sometimes I'm slightly in front and sometimes I'm slightly behind the throne.  But I am always on the Lord's right side.  I can't see any faces although at the distance that I am I should.  The Lord giving a job to the angel and explaining who to go to and what to do.  The angel then flies away and the vision ends.  I have seen this vision replaying so many times that I wrote it down here just to try to get it out of my mind.




Saturday, December 09, 2006 12:51 pm  est


I dreamed that I was in a building that was both a school and a mall.  There were tornadoes that kept coming near.  I felt like I was in high school and I knew that I had kids but they were not Jonah and Aimee and I was not married.  Each time a tornado came we would all hurry to a shelter.  We would constantly have to keep going to shelter and then continue what we were doing.  I was worried for the kids and the other people.  On several occasions the windows would brake because of the wind but no one ever got hurt and the building was big enough to move to another area.  I was in calculus even though I barely passed algebra2.  The calculus teacher was the same teacher that taught Algrbra2 in high school.  We were going over a math problem that I didn't understand.  I also had lunch with classmates and having free time.  You know, a completely normal school day.  Well as normal as it can be when you are in a school in a mall with constant tornado warnings.  At some point I looked out the windows and realized that the huge building that we were in was moving because it was picked up by a tornado.  The building moved for quite a distance and I fell out.  I thought for sure that I had died and yet I was standing at what seemed to be a field of tornadoes.  As I looked at the field of tornadoes, I realized that they were choices of destiny and that I had to choose.  They were all beautiful.  They were all unique.  Some were dull and others had beautiful colors and still others had silver and gold through them.  It was very loud.  I cried out to Jesus.  I said "Jesus, where are you?  Which one is you?  It's too loud and I can't hear you."  I kept crying out to this over and over again.  I studied all of the tornadoes but I didn't wanted any of them.  I wanted Jesus so I kept saying the same thing over and ever again.  Then after a while I realized that there was something next to me.  I looked and I saw a tornado that was more beautiful than the other tornadoes but there was someone inside.  It looked like Jesus and yet I kept calling out the same thing.  Then I saw a hand reaching out to me.  I kept calling out.  And then I decided that this was Jesus and I reached out to Him.  He picked me up and held me tight and said to me, "Whoever calls the name of Jesus will be saved."  I was completely calm and knew that where ever Jesus was taken me would be okay.  I saw a vision of the math problem and it was explained to me.  Then I was back to the calculus class in the building completely restored, going over the math problem.  I was called upon and I explained the problem completely.  The math teacher said that I understood it because he explained it to me earlier, but I didn't remember him explaining it to me.  I remembered the vision that I had of the math problem.  But I just agreed because I was completely confused and I couldn't explain how I understood because I knew that this problem was well over my comprehension and yet I completely understood.  And then I woke up

Acts 2:21 "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

Acts 4:8-12



Monday, November 13, 2006 10:51 pm  est


This morning I had a vision of the inside of a castle as if I was coming up a stairway.  The hallway on the floor that I was entering had many rooms.  I knew that the castle that I was in was massive in size with more rooms that I could count, so I didn't try to count.  A knight dressed in a suit of arms was guarding a door nearby.  I knew that several knights were thorough out the castle guarding several doors.  As I realized this I was looking at the knight closest to me.  The knight's suit of arms vanished and and its true form was revealed which was an angel.  My vision ended.



Sunday, November 05, 2006 1:41 pm  est


A few nights ago I was praying for my kid's hearts that they would remain soft and pliable and except Jesus Christ as their Savior.  I saw a landscape with people more than I could count.  It was a mountainous landscape after dusk.  Everything was dark and purplish.  I could barely see the people but I knew that there were thousands, 10's of thousands of people if not more. All of the people were worshiping the LORD with their hands lifted high.  As the people were worshiping the LORD their hearts lifted above their heads.  Not their real hearts but a heart shape.  And they glowed kinda like they were on fire.  Sort of like this heart but it was more like a heart inside of a fire.

pic from 



Saturday, August 12, 2006 2:48 pm  est


Have you ever been in a deep fog so thick that you can't see your hand in front of your face?  Personally I never have but that is what I saw last night even though it was a beautifully clear night.  I was sitting outside praying and listening to the Lord last night.  I began to think about how God is everywhere and how He is closer than I often think He is. On my skin, in me, around me like a deep fog that you can not see through.  And I mean nothing no matter how close it is to your eyes.  At this time I had a vision of such a deep and thick fog that I could not see anything, not my hand or my house or anything that I knew was around me and certainly not the stars even though it was a clear night and I knew that it was a clear night, but I actually saw this deep dense fog at the same time.  It was a little scary because old horror movies came to mind and I knew that I was actually breathing this fog.  We all see the physical but there is also a spiritual all around us if we admit it or not.  That's how God is He is everywhere on everything, in everything, going through everything and completely sovereign all the time.  You can't go anywhere to get away from His presence.

Psalm 139




untitled dream

I dreamed that I was before Jesus.  I on my knees with my face down and all I saw was His feet.  Jesus then came on top of me remind me of something like my 4yr old son would do to play.  As He started to cover me I felt crowded and like I would not be able to breathe.  I immediately pushed Him off of me and stood up, He stood in front of me facing me and I woke up.



Thursday, August 03, 2006 05:13 pm est

this way

A couple days ago I was sitting quiet before the Lord.  I saw a vision of myself.  I was on a dirt road that is very high.  On either side is a cliff.  And I am very scared that I will fall.  The road has lots of boulders and it is very hard to walk on.  I have to climb boulders just to travel a few feet and it is very tiring.  It is almost futile because I have so far to go and I see how much further there is to go but I am so tired from climbing boulders.  Then the Lord says “Are you ready?  Lets go.”  I say “I’ll go anywhere with you but how can we get trough these boulders?”  He replied “you can’t.  lets go this way.” as he turned to the side like He was going to walk off the cliff while He held out his hand for me to take and I looked at Him.  He looked at me and I thought to myself where are you going?  He put His hand closer for me to hold and I knew that I needed to trust Him.  I took His hand and he lead me off the edge.  I was scared, but I held on to Him tightly and walked with Him.  We walked off into mid air and we did not fall.  I then saw the path under our feet and ahead.  A clear path with grass and trees on each side and not even the smallest pebble on the path.  I realized that I was no longer up high being scared to fall, but on solid ground with The Lord holding my hand.  I saw the distance that was ahead of us, but I was not tired anymore because the Lord was with me.  I wasn't struggling just to advance a few feet.  I was no longer on my own trying to advance on a path that I was trapped on.  But on a smooth path walking with the Lord.



3/14/2006 PM   


I dreamed that I was in the Asia or Europe some where.  I would say it was the middle east, but it was a town like in America not a desert.  I didn’t see anything telling me where I was I just knew.  I know that my husband my children were not with me because I would have been worried about their safety.  There was a world war.  America was with Britain like today and against Iran and maybe Egypt.  Of course this was a world was so every country in the world was represented.  There were no countries neutral.  Everyone was on one side or the other side completely.  There were some planes, but the one plane I saw was commercial not military at all.  Everyone was on foot some soldiers had bombs though.  And they were throwing the bombs or placing them on the ground and then running away to destroy the enemy.  It was very scary.  This war was in a town, so there were innocent kids and families in harms way.  Although the country they lived in was in the war they were not.  I don’t know why I was there because I wasn’t a solder, but I knew some of the solders and I know I didn’t live there but I seemed to stay close to one particular family.  There was a law or something that if you were of a certain decent you would be killed.  The family that I stayed with was of this decent, but I was not.  They asked me to help them hide or change their family heritage because they did not want to die.  So I changed their birth certificates and when the army came in the house to see if they were of that certain decent, the certificates worked and they were not harmed.  There was a snake that had to be in spirit form because a normal snake can not float like this one did.  This snake would look at you.  It would look at who you are and kill you if you are a Christian.  I felt bad for the kids and families that were in danger.  I put the kids in the storm drains and man holes so they would be safe.  The last thing I remember is the snake coming towards me and I put the girl that was with me in a man hole and the snake came up and looked at me then I woke up. 



3/01/2006 PM   


I was sitting in the car in the parking lot f the local grocery store while my husband went inside to get a few items.  I have been upset because I felt that I have sewn no seeds or produced any fruit.  I looked across the parking lot and I saw some weeds seeding.  Which I thought was strange for the beginning of March.  So being intrigued, I watched the seeds.  The wind was taking the seeds several yards and some even landed on our car.  So many of the seeds landed of the pavement in the parking lot that I actually started to feel bad for the plant.  I thought about the parable of the sower.  Then the Lord said to me that I am like the plant.   The wind picked the seeds up and the seeds and the plant never sees them again.  In the same way, just because I have not seen the end result of my seeds it does not mean that the Lord has not used me or that I have not sewn seeds.




church basement

On June 8th 2001,  I dreamed that I was in the basement of a church.  You know, one that the cinder blocks are the walls and they are painted white.  I was with some people that I grew up with.  There were three round tables in the room with papers from a computer scattered on them.  We were all trying to get rid of the papers and then someone came running in saying "The Master is coming!!!  The Master is coming!!!"  And we all were in a panic to turn these papers over.  Then Jesus walked in and simply turned all the papers over.  All the writing was covered since the writing was on one side.  But we were all too worried to help so Jesus turned all the papers over.  Jesus then went around everyone in the room and talked and prayed for each person individually.  I didn't hear what the other people were saying.  Jesus came to me.  He put His hands on my shoulders and prayed for me but I didn't hear what He said.  He then looked into my eyes.  I felt His love and  great disappointment at the same time when He asked me "Why do you think that my blood is not enough for you?  Why do you think that it is not enough to cover all your sins?"  And then I woke up.  I remember feeling the LORD's presence strong the rest of that day. 
I don't want anyone to face Jesus and be asked a question like I did.  God is real.  The Bible is Truth.  He did everything that He said He did.  And He will do everything that He said He will do.  I know one thing for sure, judgment day will not be something fun.  If you don't accept all that Jesus did for you, it will not end in mercy with Jesus being your Savior, Mediator and Defender.  It will end up with Christ rejecting you just as you rejected Him and you will end up condemned and in Hell.  I don't want that to happen to anyone.  Please seek the Lord and don't stop Him from working in your life.





 Another dream I had as a child was when I was about 4.  I was in the back seat of my parents car and I was laying down as I often did.  This was around 1983 before all the seatbelt laws.  I looked up and I realized that although the car was driving at a normal pace and staying on the road no one was driving. Terrified I tried to get up front and drive but I couldn't control the car because it was driving itself.



ticket taker

 I accepted Christ during a dream I had when I was about three years old.  I dreamed that I was walking up to a movie theatre and Jesus was sitting outside.  The only way to get in the door was to ask Him to move or walk around Him.  I walked up to Him and He explained to me that I need a ticket to get inside.  So I asked Him how to get a ticket.  He said the only way is to ask Him for one.  They are already paid for and He has them in His pocket.  He told me that He is the only one that has the tickets and everyone inside asked Him too.  There is no other way to get a ticket then to ask Him.  He kept telling me that they are free, the price has already been paid and all I had to do is ask Him for one.  So I asked Him for a ticket.  He gave me a shiny gold ticket.  I walked up to the ticket booth and gave the person my ticket and was directed to the door next to the ticket booth.  I opened the door and a bright blinding light and as I waked in the room I woke up.