Our God Is...

The Creator Of The World John 1:3
The Alpha & Omega The Beginning & The End Rev.1:8
Our Heavenly FATHER Matt.6
 The I Am John 8:58
A Miracle Working God Gal.3:5
Infinite 1Ki.8:27
Love 1Jn.4:16
Spirit John 4:24
Our Sustainer Isa 46:4
All Powerful Jer.32.17,27
All Knowing 1Jn.3:20
Ever Present Ps.139:1-13
Unchangeable Num.23:19
JEHOVAH Ps.83:18
A Covenant Making God Heb.10:16
The Everlasting Father Isaiah.9:6
The Father Of Lights Jas. 1:17
A Father Of Mercies & God Of All Comfort 2Cor.1:3
The Author Of All Salvation Heb.2:10
Full Of Power Rom.13:1
The God Who Raises The Dead 2Cor.1:9
A Spirit That Quickens 1 Cor.15:45
Mighty To Save Is.63:1
Our Maker Is.54:5
The Justifier Of The One Who Has Faith In Jesus Rom.3:26
Meeting Our Needs Through Jesus Phil.4:19
The One Who Gave Us The Peace That Surpasses Understanding Phil.4:7
Jesus Of Nazareth John19:19
The Door Of The Sheep John 10
JESUS Matt.1:21
The Way, Truth & Life John 14:6
The Prince Of Peace Is.9:6
The King Of Kings & The Lord Of Lords Rev.17:14
The Lamb Of God Jn.1:29
The Bread Of Life John6 4858
The Bright & Morning Star Rev.22:16
The Light Of The World John 8:12
Immanuel Is.7:14
Wonderful Counselor Is.9:6
That Great Shepherd Of The Sheep Heb.13:20
The Head Of The Church Eph.1:22
The Same Yesterday, Today, & Forever Heb.13:8
Our All Sufficiency 2Cor.3:5
The Word John1:1 Dwelling In Us 2Cor.6:16
Easily Touched Heb.4:15
Faithful & True Rev.19:11
A Sure Foundation Is.28:16
Upholding All Things By The Word Of His Power Heb.1:3
Watching Over His Word To Perform It Jer.1:12
A Rewarder Of Those Who Diligently Seek Him Heb.11:6
Pleased When His Servants Prosper Ps.35:27
No Respecter Of Persons Acts 10:34
The True Light John 1:9
The Author & Finisher Of Our Faith Heb.12:2
Mediator Of The New Covenant Heb.9:15
Truth John 14:6
Working In Us Heb.13:12
Greater In Us Than He That Is In The World 1Jn.4:4
Unto Us Wisdom, Sanctification & Redemption 1 Cor.1:30
For Us Rom.8:31
Never Leaving Us Or Forsaking Us Heb.13:5
Always Leading Us In Triumph In Christ 2 Cor.2:14
Faithful Over His House Heb.3:2
Ruler Of The Kings Of The Earth Rev.1:5
Our Lord & Our God John 20:28
Our Life Deut.30:20
Our Savior Luke 2:11
Our Redeemer Is. 48:17 & Gal.3:13
Our Teacher John 3:2
Our Healer Is. 53:5
Our Deliverer Psalms 18:2
Our Resurrection John 11:25
Our Justification Rom.5:16,18
Our Strength Ps.27:1
Our Righteousness 1Cor.1:30
Our Peace Eph.2:14
Our Advocate 1Jn.2:1
Our Faithful High Priest
Heb. 9:11 & 10:21
Our Bride Groom Matt.25:1
Our Hope Of Glory Col.1:27
One Who Gave Us The Kingdom Luke 12:32
Equipping Us For Ministry Eph 4:11-16
Giving To Us Revelation Knowledge 1Cor.2:10-13
Allowing Us To Use The Keys To The Kingdom Matt.16:19
Telling Us To Go In His Name Mk.16:17,18
Sealing Us With The HOLY SPIRIT Luke 11:13 & Acts 2:38,39
The One Who Anoints Us For Service 1 Jn. 2:20
Desiring Us To Be Filled With Wisdom & Spiritual Understanding Col 1:9
Providing Us His Armor Eph.6:10-18
Providing Us Angels Heb.1:14
Faithful To Complete The Work He Began In Us Phil.1:6
Healing The Backslider Isa.57:18
Creating In Us Clean Hearts Ps. 51:10
Rich In Mercy Ps.136
 Teaching Us How To Profit, Leading Us In The Way That We Should Go Isa.48:17
Giving Us All Things To Enjoy 1Ti.6:17
Saying Well Done My Good & Faithful Servants Matt.25:21
Receiving All The Glory Matt.6:13
Worthy To Be Praised Ps.18:3
Saying To Everyone, "Surely I Am Coming Quickly" Amen Rev.22:20

"The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and is safe." Proverbs 18:10

"His names not only tell us who God is, they also in reminds us who we are in Him. Since He is our Shepherd, we are His sheep. Since He is our wonderful Father, we are His precious sons and daughters. Since He is our mighty King, we are His protected and privileged subjects. Since He is the whole Vine, we are branches filled with His very life. And since He is our Bridegroom, we are His beloved bride and may delight in Him forever."    http://www.crossroad.to/index.html